Our Programs


At Rising Sun Montessori School we strive to create a learning community that realizes our mission of providing an authentic Montessori school that embraces the diversity of our students, parents, and teachers. Our school community will nurture the individual needs of each child in a learning environment that encourages students to be self-directed, avid learners who are prepared for a diverse world.

To achieve these goals, Rising Sun Montessori School will operate under the guidance of four key fundamental principles:


High standards

Students are challenged with a vast and comprehensive curriculum in academic and non-academic subject areas. Students are expected to adhere to high standards of student behavior and academic achievement; life-long guidelines are directly taught and modeled by staff. Students are expected to demonstrate these values in their schoolwork as well as their interactions with peers and adults.


Significant support

Students benefit from smaller class sizes and strong academic, social and intervention support programs.


Talented staff sustained by extensive professional development

Our staff will improve their individual performance with ongoing professional development goals, training, and evaluation tools. Staff will carry out their responsibilities in full alignment with Rising Sun’s mission and with the highest level of integrity.


Parent and community involvement

As valued members of the school culture, parent input will be actively solicited. Parents will be given ample opportunities to support their children and the school through active involvement in school activities and committees.


Transitional Kindergarten / Kindergarten

Lower Elementary (1st – 3rd Grade)

Upper Elementary (4th – 6th Grade)

Middle School (7th – 8th Grade)